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Centennial, CO


Welcome to Molly's Just Like Home Child Care and Preschool. I am a licensed childcare provider for children 3 months to 4 years with a preference for most kiddos to enter a formal preschool around 3 years of age.  I have been providing quality childcare for working professionals since August of 2000. I have an Experienced Provider license through the state of Colorado.

I believe children excel in a nurturing and stable environment that encourages the child's creativity and builds their self-esteem, social and emotional development and promotes their love of learning through fun activities and lots of playtime. When my son was little I became very discouraged by the large ratios of children to teachers I found in child care centers and other schools. We felt our son was getting lost in the shuffle of the other kids both socially and academically. It was a very hard experience for him and for us. I do not want any child or parent to ever feel the way we did. No child should ever be lost in the shuffle! Your child will receive one-on-one attention, love, trust and the security they need and deserve to thrive in their development and in their relationships with other children as well as myself.

I believe open communication between you and I is essential to help me better understand the needs of your child and to build a trusting relationship with you as a family. I want us to be able to openly share any questions or concerns you or I may have so I can provide the best care for your child. My goal is to work together through listening to each other's needs, having an open and positive conversation and finding solutions that work for both us. This will benefit your child by providing a sense of security and stability in your child's development of self, their environment, language, culture, early learning experiences and trust. It will also provide consistency between home and childcare. If ever a concern should arise we can work together to determine if any services or interventions would be beneficial for your child and family (Child Find, Head Start, etc). I will always strive to provide a loving, happy and caring home for all the children in my care. Your child will learn and grow in a fun and safe environment. Like the name says, I try to make your child feel as if it is "Just Like Home."


Child Care Contract and Terms of Agreement


My business hours are Monday through Friday 6:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. unless other arrangements have been made.  Since my childcare business is operated in my home, I ask you to respect my hours and to avoid being late or to linger after hours. Drop-off time and pick-­up time must be strictly observed. I charge a $5.00 fee for every ten minutes if you drop a child off early. Advance permission is required to arrive before 6:30 a.m. I charge $1 for every minute you are late to pick up your child.  This is payable at the time the child is picked up for the day.  My intent is not to increase my income, but to have my opening and closing times respected so I may follow through with my family plans and commitments.   Parents, PLEASE, notify me by 7:30 a.m. if your child will be LATE from their normal arrival time or will not be attending that day. Chronic tardiness (3 or more times a month) really does disrupt our day and the fun activities we have planned. When you arrive to drop off your child or to pick them up at the end of the day you will be required to sign the sign in sheet. You will need to write the date, time and your full signature (no initials or first names only) in your child's section of the book.

 Meals and Snacks

I serve the following meals: breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch and an afternoon snack. I focus on serving nutritious foods to all children. If your child has a food allergy to one or two ingredients I will not serve them that particular item/items. If your child has severe allergies to several items then you will be required to provide their own food, including all snacks and meals. If your child is allergic to milk or you want your child to have different milk then what I provide you will be required to provide their milk. At the end of each day you will receive a note that shows what your child ate for lunch.

Breakfast is from 6:30 -8:00 a.m. If your child arrives after 8:00 a.m. they need to eat breakfast before arriving.

Infants will follow their own feeding schedules and all infants need to be proficient at using a bottle when they start childcare. You will be responsible for providing your infant's bottle and formula or breast milk. Breast milk will need to be provided to me each morning and clearly labeled with your child's name and date on it. You can provide several days or weeks worth of breast milk and I will store it in my freezer. It will be up to you when you choose to transfer him/her to formula. Depending on any unknown circumstances I prefer to have all children off of a bottle by 1 year and using a sippy cup. When your child is close to 1 year and has reached the developmental stage of holding his/her bottle, is sitting up, and is crawling, he/she is ready to begin transitioning from the bottle to a sippy cup. When your child has reached this stage, we can begin introducing the sippy cup to him/her. However, each child is different and that is why it is very important that we follow your child's doctor's recommendations first.

 I will follow your doctor's recommendations on when to start introducing baby food and table food to your infant. You will be responsible for providing the baby food for your child. I require that you only provide me with food that your child has eaten at least 3 times in your presence at your home.  Depending on the child, my goal is to have every child eating table foods only by 1 - 1 ½ year. I provide all the food once they are done with baby food.

Holidays and Vacations

I will be closed fifteen days a year with pay. I also observe the following holidays with pay:



MEMORIAL DAY                              





Should any of these holidays fall on a Saturday or Sunday, I will either take the Friday prior to or the Monday following said holiday off. You will be charged for this as if the holiday fell on a weekday.             

Except in the case of illness and a few unscheduled vacation days, you will be given a list of my vacation days for the following year each December or shortly after the New Year. I will give you as much time as possible for the remaining vacation days. It is the parents/guardians responsibility to find substitute care whenever I am off for any reason. I will give you a reminder notice of my upcoming vacation days two weeks prior. I will also give you as much notice as possible of days I need to leave early.

Bereavement Leave

I will receive 1 week of paid bereavement leave when necessary.  This leave is to use in the occurrence of a death in the family, if a family member is involved in a major accident of some kind, or a family member becomes suddenly ill and needs my assistance.  I reserve the right to take any vacation days available in addition to the 1 week of bereavement.

Jury Duty

If I am called for jury duty I will receive a paid day to go to the courthouse. If I am selected to serve on the jury then I will receive the first 3 days of service paid pursuant to Colorado State Statues. (Sections 13-71-126, 127, 128 and 129). After the first 3 days all other days I need to take off for that one trial will be unpaid days.

Payment Schedule

All services are prepaid and are due on Monday morning of the week services is to be provided. If your child starts on a day other than Monday then payment is due the first day of service for the week. Payments will be made weekly or you are welcome to pay multiple weeks if you wish. Payment is still required on Monday morning even if your child is absent or unless you have contacted me and we made other arrangements. I will be fully compensated for any day your child is not in my home due to illness, vacation or any other reason. If a full time child is absent half a day you will still be charged the full days rate.

I do not provide any transportation or walking to and from school.                         

Payments may be made in cash or by check.  Make checks payable to: Molly Williams. If any bad check is received the parents/guardians will be responsible to pay an additional $20 and any bank charges incurred by myself as a result of the check being dishonored. In addition, all future payments must be made in cash. If funds are not available at the time required your child will not be watched and you will have to make other arrangements for childcare. Cash will only be accepted for drop in care payable in the morning before you leave your child with me. 

Registration Fee

A two-week non-refundable registration fee is required to hold your child's spot with me. The fee is equal to your payment to the childcare home for two weeks. This fee is non-refundable. This fee does NOT pay for any week of childcare. You will NOT get this fee back for any reason at any time. If a spot is available immediately but you would like to begin care at a later date then additional, non-refundable weekly payments may be required to hold your spot until you are able to begin care. NO CASH REFUNDS ARE GIVEN.  IF I AM HOLDING A SPOT TO ENSURE A SPACE FOR YOUR CHILD AND YOU CHOOSE NOT TO USE MY SERVICES FOR WHATEVER REASON BEFORE SERVICE HAS BEGUN YOUR FEE WILL NOT BE REFUNDED.


Parents/guardians must give me at least 30 business days notice of termination. Payment of the last 30 business days is required whether or not your child is attending the childcare home. The 30 business days may not include any month where I am closed for 5 or more consecutive days due to my personal vacation. Failure to give proper notice will result in the normal fee being due and payable to cover the 30 business days. Please note, if you do not show up with payment on Monday morning and have not contacted me I assume you have terminated your position and I reserve the right to fill your position immediately, in addition you forfeit all monies already paid to me. Please be respectful. If you know your child will be leaving at a certain time or age please tell me as soon as you know, even if it is a year or more in advance. This helps me so much in preparing for the transition.

I also reserve the right to immediately terminate childcare services without notice.

Registration Policy

Colorado State Law requires parents to complete the following forms: 

             1. Enrollment Form

             2. Emergency Information Form

             3. Health Evaluation Form, signed by a physician or a licensed nurse practitioner

             4. Immunization Record or signed exempt form

             5. Permission Form

             6. Infant Pacifier Waiver, if needed

Before a child is admitted for care, I must receive the above listed forms and a signed contract and terms of agreement. A notary must sign where indicated on the forms. 

The Health Status Form for children 2 years and older must be updated annually. Children under 2 years of age need to have an updated health form at 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18 and 24 months of age. All other forms must be updated annually. 

For the protection of all the children in my home, my family and myself I STRONGLY PREFER  that all the children in my care have their immunizations and are current and up to date.


For the protection of all children and myself, you must keep your child at home if any of the following applies to them: 

·       The illness prevents child from participation in all regular activities.

·       The illness results in greater care than provider can comfortably provide.

·       The child has a fever (100 degrees or higher); lethargy; irritability; persistent crying;    difficulty breathing etc.

·       The child has an intestinal disturbance accompanied by diarrhea or vomiting.

·        Rash with fever or behavior change

·       Any discharge from sores, eyes, ears or profuse nasal discharge.

·       Tuberculosis until not infectious (bacterial respiratory)

·       Strep Throat (until 24hrs. after treatment begins and no fever for 24hrs.-w/out suppressant)

·       Head lice (until morning after 1st treatment)

·       Scabies (mites) until after treatment is completed)

·       Chicken pox until 6 days after onset of rash and all lesions are dried and crusted

·       Pertussis until 5 days of appropriate antibiotic are completed (respiratory bacterial)

·       Impetigo (until 24-48 hrs. after meds begin)

·       Mumps until 9 days after onset of parotid gland swelling

·       Hepatitis A until one week after onset or until immune globulin is given to all children/staff

·       Hepatitis B

·       Infection with shigella; E-coli; salmonella

·       Infections with Hemophilus flu; meningitides; streptococcus pneumonia until adequately treated

·       or any other possible symptoms of a communicable disease 

If your child shows signs of any contagious disease, please keep them at home and report their condition to myself immediately. The child must be free from all symptoms 24 hours before they will be admitted back into the child care home. 

If any of the above symptoms are present when you bring the child to the center the child will not be permitted to stay. If these symptoms arise while the child is in my care I will call you to come pick the child up. If you cannot be reached I will call the person you have listed down for emergencies to come get the child. Admission is at the discretion of myself. 

I prefer to NOT give any medication. When a medication is needed, they should be given at home when possible. This has been made easier now that once and twice daily dosages are available. 

Please let me know when you drop your child off in the morning if you have given him/her any medicine at all the night before or that morning. If for any reason your child has a reaction or gets severely ill where doctors or paramedics need to be called I need to have their medication information available to know as best to assist them. 

If it is necessary that your child needs any type of medication (over the counter or prescription), including vitamins, homeopathic and herbal remedies during childcare hours I will need written authorization from your health care provider and from you. Ask me for the specific forms for this. I can apply topical ointments and creams used for prevention on unbroken skin including, but not limited to, petroleum jelly, diaper rash ointments and sunscreen with written parent authorization only. Topical ointments and creams used as treatment on open wounds or broken skin MUST have written authorization from your health care provider and from you. Parents/Guardians are responsible for providing all medications and supplies. All medicine must be in the original container with your child's name clearly labeled on it. I will document when all medication is given in my medication record book. 

Prescription medicine containers must bear the original pharmacy label that shows the prescription number, name of the medication, date filled, physician's name, child's name and directions for dosage. When no longer needed, the medicine will be returned to the parents/guardians. I can only administer prescription medicine to the child whose name appears on the pharmacy label. 

Nebulized medications and emergency injections (EpiPen) require a written health care plan or instructions completed by the RN consultant and/or the child's health care provider. 

In most situations, children should not transport medications to and from this childcare home; this includes medication placed in a diaper bag or backpack. Please hand it directly to myself so we can verify the amount of the medicine together (state requirement) and I can place it in a locked area away from the children. 

Accidents & Emergencies

Despite a very watchful eye sometimes accidents do happen especially with children, it's just a fact of life.  I have already thought ahead to what my actions would be in certain situations to help me be prepared to the best of my ability for your child.

In case of an injured child such as but not limited to: Small bumps, scrapes and cuts I will administer first aid (soapy water and a band aid) and the parent/guardian will be notified at pick up time as to what happened.  For more severe injuries, I will call a parent/guardian, or if needed 911 and then notify the parents/guardians.  Should the child need to be transported, I will relay the parents/guardians choice of hospital as indicated by intake records to the paramedics that will be transporting the child. Should I be unable to contact a parent/guardian I will call the person or persons listed on your emergency form.  I am certified in both CPR and First Aid. 

If ever I could not locate a child I would contact the police and the child's parents/guardians immediately.  If a child is lost, all children will be gathered in one area while I check the remainder of the childcare area and house for the lost child.  I will then also check outdoors and neighboring homes. 

In case of an accidental poisoning I will call the poison control center, try to determine what the child got into, follow the poison center's recommendations, call 911 if needed and alert one of the parents/guardians of the incident.

Emergency Procedures

All licensed childcare homes in Colorado are required to have a plan of action to follow in several different emergency scenarios.  I have a rough copy of my home's floor plan and escape route in the childcare room. I also keep a copy of emergency phone numbers and phone numbers for all the parents who have children in my care on my kitchen refrigerator and in my cell phone. In all situations I will first do my absolute best to make sure all children are safe and free from harm and then I will notify all parents/guardians of the situation.

*Blizzard/Heavy SnowfallIf Littleton Public School District is closed for school due to snow conditions than I too, will be closed. If a blizzard or very heavy snowfall that is predicted to get worse as the day goes on happens while your child is in my care then I will call you to come pick up your child early while roads allow travel. Remember, neighborhood roads get bad quickly. Just because the main roads look OK doesn't mean my neighborhood or cul-de-sac is. So you want to be sure to allow yourself plenty of time to get here on time.  It is more important to leave early and be safe driving then being caught in a heavy storm and having an accident. Payment is still due for these days that I am closed due to weather.

*Fire-In the case of a fire I will first and foremost do my absolute best to get every child out of the house and to safety at a neighbor's house or yard. I will call 911 immediately and then I will call all parents/guardians to come pick up your child immediately. Once a month I hold a fire drill to help teach the children what to do in the event of a fire.

*Tornado-During a tornado warning, we will go to the basement and take cover until the warning has been lifted. Parents/guardians will be notified by telephone as soon as possible notifying you as to our condition and location if the home has become unsafe to remain in. I have an emergency box of supplies kept in the basement that contains water, snacks, blanket, flashlight and a radio.

*Earthquake-In the event of an earthquake the children and I will try to take cover under a table or we will do our best to stay away from anything heavy that could fall on us. If we are under a table we will stay there until I feel it is safe to come out. I will then notify parents/guardians of the situation.

*Severe Thunderstorm/Electrical Storm/Hail/High Winds-During a severe thunderstorm, electrical storm, severe hail or high winds, all children will be kept away from windows and we will remain inside. If the situation is severe we will go to the basement until the storm has passed. In case of an electrical storm all electric devices not required will be turned off and we will remain away from the devices as best we can. Children afraid of thunder and lightning will be calmed to the best of my ability. If needed parents will be notified of our situation as soon as possible and can respond according to the situation.

*Flood-In the event of a flood, the children and I will go to the kitchen or to the upstairs if needed. If it is necessary to leave then we will go to higher ground by car. If we do have to leave the house I will notify all parents/guardians of our location as soon as possible and you will have to come pick up your child immediately.

*Adverse Weather-Should it become too hot or too cold in the childcare home that I deem as an unsafe situation, I will contact all parents/guardians to come pick up your child immediately.

*Power Blackout-If there has been a power blackout for 2 hours I will call all parents/guardians and ask you to come pick up your child. 

*Neighborhood Evacuation-In case we need to evacuate the premises for whatever reason (gas leak, water main break, swat team, etc.) the children and I will walk to a neighbors house on my street and I will notify all parents/guardians of the situation and you will be required to pick up your child immediately.

In the event we must leave the neighborhood we will either drive or walk to 1 of 2 location options. I will contact one of the parents whose child is currently in my childcare and who is the closest in proximity at the time to come and help me if needed or as the situation dictates.

*Location 1 - Starbucks, 5070 E. Arapahoe Road Centennial, CO. 80122 Phone number 303.221.0807 Near the corner of Arapahoe Rd. and Holly

*Location 2 - King Soopers, 5050 E. Arapahoe Road Centennial, CO. 80122 Phone number 303.770.3400. Near the corner of Arapahoe Rd. and Holly

*Shelter in Place-The kids and I will remain inside away from doors and windows until the authorities, emergency alert system or media have notified us that it is safe. Some of the situations that could require us to Shelter in Place would be but are not limited to:

-Tornado (please see above for my tornado procedure)

-Air Quality/Wild Fire (we will remain in the home)

- Wild Animals (we will remain in the home)

*Reverse Evacuation-If we are outside and I am notified of an outside threat such as but not limited to a dangerous situation or person or a wild animal then I will gather all the children and we will come inside. I will lock all the doors and windows and the children will be kept away from the doors and windows. If needed I will close the window shade for added security. We will remain inside until the area is deemed safe. 

*Lockdown/Local Shooting-If I receive a reverse 911 call requiring a lock down due to danger or an act of terror I will make sure that all doors and windows are closed and locked.  Window shades may be pulled down for added security. I will keep the children inside away from the doors and windows.  I will then notify parents/guardians of our situation. Children will not be released for pick up until the police or other authority allows it.

*Active Shooter on the Premises-I will lock all doors and windows. The kids and I will go to an interior room/shelter away from doors and windows. We will stay there until it is deemed safe for us to come out. I will do my best to notify parents as the situation dictates.

*Provider Emergency-If a personal emergency or family situation arises during childcare hours requiring my immediate departure I will have John, my husband, stay with the children until you arrive. If the emergency requires both John and myself to leave or if John is unavailable then I will have either my mother-in-law or one of the parents whose child is currently in my childcare and who is the closest in proximity at the time to come and stay with the kids until all parents have arrived. Either way, all parents/guardians will be notified and required to come pick up your children immediately. There will be no tuition reimbursement.

*Plan for Children with Disabilities-Procedures will be adapted to meet the needs of each individual's disability.

In ANY event, I reserve the right to take the children with me to pick up my own children from school or to whatever location they are at if necessary. I will notify all parents/guardians if this were to ever happen.

In ANY event if phone service is down and I'm unable to notify you by phone I will post a note on the front door or other obvious location stating where we are. 

 If any event causes severe damage or damage that would affect the care I provide, I will call you to come pick up your child or children immediately. If any of these of disasters, attacks or any other event that I have no control over takes place, you agree to not hold my family or myself responsible. No tuition reimbursement will be allowed for any event or situation.

Behavior Guidance & Discipline

I want to ensure that all of the children in my childcare feel safe, secure and loved. My goal is for every child to know that I care and respect their feelings and interests by listening and being engaged with them as a group and individually. I believe in positive behavior guidance and discipline that is provided through a combination of positive reinforcement, re-direction and time-out.  The children are expected to behave in a reasonable manner to each other  and with me. I try to help the children work out solutions to problems by providing guidance and instruction to help each child recognize and voice their emotions, concerns and frustrations. I believe in reinforcing positive behavior throughout the day through gentle reminders of expectations (sharing, walking inside, hands to ourselves, etc) and praising children often for their good choices, efforts made in improving behavior (stopping themselves from taking someone else's toy) and when exhibiting good manners. I also try to implement activities and materials (such as our Character Puppets) in and around our daily routine and our curriculum that help teach the children positive behavior in themselves, with each other and to help their overall social and emotional health.

In most disagreements redirection to another activity is always tried first. If the problem continues a time-out may be used. The child will be removed from the situation and placed in a specific "time-out" area for a cooling down period, generally one minute per year in age. After the "time-out" period is up the child and myself will have a quiet discussion concerning the reasons for the child being placed in "time-out". These discussions are designed to help the child learn the limits set in this childcare home.

Please know there WILL be disagreements between children. Young children can have a hard time expressing their emotions and sometimes they can hit or throw toys, etc. In most cases this behavior is completely normal and I will work with them to teach them appropriate behavior in dealing with their emotions. It will be expected that we work together to alter negative behavior such as biting, hitting, use of bad words, etc. If the negative behavior is chronic and prevents me from being able to properly care for the other children or if it interferes with the safety and well being of the other children and/or myself we will need to work together to implement an individualized action plan (form required) that documents the steps and/or procedures that will be taken to reduce the challenging behavior in an appropriate amount of time that allows for a positive outcome. If improvement is not being made and the child is still having the concerning behavior I will request that you consult with your child's pediatrician to receive further guidance. This may involve referral to an Early Childhood Specialist, Child Find, etc. I will need a signed copy of any further plan, guidance and/or referrals the pediatrician recommends for the child. If the challenging behavior does not improve or escalates childcare will be terminated and you will have to remove your child and find alternate care for your child.  If any unfavorable interaction takes place between the children at any time you agree to release myself or any other substitute from any liability or responsibility.

Children, who are too young to understand the concept of "time-out", are distracted from the situation by offering them an alternate activity or toy.

Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will there be any spanking, physical abuse, verbal abuse or isolation used. CORPORAL PUNISHMENT IS NOT ALLOWED IN A LICENSED CHILD CARE HOME AND WILL NOT BE USED HERE!!!!!!

Items From Home

Children may not bring toys from home unless arrangements have been made, except for a special comfort item the child may need. So many times children argue over toys that are brought from home. It is also easy to have something lost or broken. If your child does bring in other toys he/she will be expected to share it with all the other children (except for infant toys).  Please do not send any food, gum, money or toy weapons with your child. I will not be responsible for damage or lost toys brought into my home. If you would like to bring a food item as a special occasion, please have it approved by myself and make sure to bring enough for each child. 

I will be happy to accept toys, books, nursery or child furniture/equipment or clothing that your child has outgrown. Contributions on art and craft supplies are always welcome. 

If needed, I ask that you bring a package of diapers, wipes and a change of clothes. When the diapers and wipes are starting to get low I will let you know so you can bring some more. 

Rest Periods

There will be quiet time each afternoon from 12:30-3:00 pm. for all children. Depending upon their age, children are expected to rest quietly on mats or to engage in quiet activities, allowing those who need to sleep the opportunity to do so.

Infants will follow their own schedule. Infants will always be placed to sleep on their back unless a doctor has written instructions otherwise.  No blankets, bedding materials, toys, etc. will be allowed to be placed in the crib or pack or play.

If you will be picking up your child within these hours, prior notice would be appreciated. This way special arrangement will be made so that the other children will not be disturbed during their much-needed time of rest. I can also be sure your child is ready for his/her trip home (diaper changing, hair brushed, face washed, use the bathroom, etc.).  Unless you absolutely can't avoid it, please avoid picking up/dropping off your child during this time.  Thank you. 

Children 2 years (if able to) and older will be sleeping on mats 2" in depth in the day care. A  blanket of suitable warmth will be provided. 

All infants will sleep in a separate room in cribs and their sleeping times will follow individual schedules and patterns. 

Infant Safe Sleep Policy

I give each family with an infant that is enrolled with me a Safe Sleep brochure provided by the American Academy of Pediatrics. I follow the Safe to Sleep practices and procedures as outlined by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Swaddling of infants is prohibited unless there is a signed Swaddling Permission form from the infant's pediatrician indicating the swaddling is medically necessary.

Diaper Changing & Potty Training

All baby and children's diapers will be changed every 3 hours or as needed if they have a dirty diaper (bm) or a full wet diaper. You will be responsible for providing all diapers, pull ups, baby wipes and diaper rash ointment. I can apply a diaper rash ointment as a preventative measure, however, if it is to be used as treatment for any open wound, broken skin or sore then I need to have written authorization from a doctor.

We must work together if potty training is going to work. If you are not working with your child at home, I cannot work with them here. While your child is potty training he/she will be required to wear diapers or pull ups. Once they have been accident free for several days, then we may try regular underpants. During this time please make sure they are wearing clothes that are easy to pull up and down. No overalls, belts or onesies. 

Special Needs & Circumstances

I will provide care for children with special needs based on the specificity of those needs and the accommodations required. Reasonable accommodations will be made for children with special needs, as long as the accommodations do not fundamentally alter my child care program or home. In addition, the child's needs must correlate with the amount of training I have received in the field of special needs. 

Field Trips & Transportation

I very rarely take the children on field trips. If I do I will give you prior notice of our field trip and you will be required to sign a field trip permission form. If you do not want your child to participate in the field trip then your child will not be watched on that day and you will have to make other arrangements for child care. However your childcare payment will still be required for that day. 

In addition, parents/guardians may be asked to provide the admission cost or any other fee associated with the field trip. I will provide snacks, drinks and, when needed, a sack lunch for all the children. 

We do, however, take walks around the neighborhood and occasionally go to the park in our neighborhood. 

Outdoor Play

Each day, weather permitting, the children will have outdoor playtime. Occasionally on nice days we will go on walks around the neighborhood or to the park. Please make sure to dress your children appropriately for the weather this includes jackets, mittens, hats, boots, etc. for play in snow. We won't go outside if it is below 45 degrees or if it is above 95 degrees unless the shade is cool. Walks and trips to the park will be taken at the discretion of myself. 

Prior to outside play, sunscreen will be applied to all children with the exception of infants (under age 1). Please let me know if you have applied sunscreen to your child prior to arriving to this childcare home. Sunscreen will be reapplied as needed throughout the day. I provide sunscreen that is at least SPF 50. If you prefer your child to have a different brand of sunscreen then you will need to provide it for them making sure to label it with your child's name. Infants that are too young to have sunscreen on are kept in shady areas while we are outside to help avoid sun exposure.

Holidays and Birthdays

We celebrate the following holidays; Valentines Day, Easter, Halloween and Christmas. We will do holiday themed craft projects and throw small holiday parties. Our holiday parties are generally in the morning considering the various pick up times for each child in the afternoon. 

Birthdays are a special time. On your child's birthday we will have a small party in his/her honor. I u provide a special treat to eat after lunch but some parents prefer to bring the special treat. Please let me know of your choice so that we do not double do.

Media Use

I prefer to not allow the children to watch television; however there may be a few times a year that I will allow it as a special treat.  Should the television be used it will be for a very short amount of time, usually just 30 minutes but there might be a rare occasion when the kids are able to watch a movie. I try to emphasize programs with educational content, kindness to each other themes, seasonal specials and children's classics. 

We do enjoy music several times a week for dance, dramatic play and physical movement.

Repairs and/or Replacement of Personal Property

When children play, equipment and toys may be accidentally broken. That is expected in a childcare home. However, if your child purposely damages any childcare property, or personal property of mine, my family or of another child's such as toys, books, equipment, or furnishings, you will be expected to replace the item or pay for the replacement or repair. 

Recalled Toys and Equipment

I routinely check the Consumer Product Safety Commission website,, to ensure that products and/or equipment used in my childcare home are not on a recall list. When I become aware of a recalled item that I have in this home I will take the necessary steps to remove the item from my home and/or replace the item according to the manufactures instructions.


This childcare home is a non-smoking/tobacco environment. In addition, smoking is not allowed in a vehicle while transporting the children in care. Please, Do Not Smoke On These Premises.

If you arrive to pick up your child/children from my care and if alcohol or drug use is indicated by behavior or smell I will attempt to arrange alternate transportation for you and your child home.  If this is not possible or you refuse alternate transportation I am legally bound to release your child to you but I am required to call 911.


If there are changes occurring in your family such as a new baby, a move, an illness, a separation or divorce, please advise me so that I can work with your child more successfully during times of insecurity and transition.

Tax Time

In January of each year I fill out a W-10 for each family that had a child/children in my childcare for that past year.  If your child is no longer with me at the end of the year I will mail your W-10 to you. If you have moved it will be YOUR responsibility to contact me with a new address of where to send your W-10.

Picking Up Your Child

It would be very much appreciated that when making your child's doctor, dentist, picture taking appointments you do it first thing in the a.m. or the last in the afternoon.  It tends to be VERY disruptive to the children when they come, leave, come back, leave etc.  Also, when doing these visits the first thing in the a.m. or the last thing in the afternoon it doesn't disturb any of the children's naptime, lunch time, etc.  All in all the day goes much smoother when planning appointments this way, Thank you very much in advance. Also, when taking your child to the doctor for his/her checkup please remember to let me know IN ADVANCE so that I have his/her paperwork ready for you to take with you for any shots, a signature and current date, etc. We can all keep Social Services happy this way!

If someone other than the parents/guardians are picking up the child than the person responsible for getting the child must be authorized on the child's Enrollment Application and Emergency Form. If the person is not listed on the form I need to receive written authority in advance that the person is allowed to pick your child up. Faxes will not be acceptable. I also require a picture id to be shown to me by the person picking the child up. If an id is not shown I will not let the child go with the party and you will be required to come get your child and will be charged the $1 each minute you are late.

In the event of a court order restraining one parent or guardian from the child, I must have a written note from the custodial parent or guardian and a copy of the court order.  Without this, I cannot prevent the non-custodial person from picking up the child.

If a child is not picked up by closing time and I have not been contacted, I will try to call both parents or guardians and then the other people listed on your enrollment form to pick up the child.  As required by the State of Colorado, if no one can be reached, I am required by law to contact social services and the county sheriff and report the child as abandoned. If I am able to do so, I will only keep an abandoned child up to an hour after closing before contacting the authorities. If I am not able to stay after hours to watch them then I will contact the authorities within 15 minutes of closing. The late fee will still apply.  I will engage the child in appropriate activities or allow them to watch a children?s program on t.v. while we wait for someone to pick them up. If it is during meal time or the child becomes hungry I will serve them an appropriate snack or meal.


Please be respectful of all my neighbors and do NOT park in front of their driveway or allow your car to impede ANY PART OF THEIR DRIVEWAY AT ALL. Please try to always park on my property when possible. Please pull into my driveway whenever possible if your car is NOT leaking any fluids. (If your car is leaking fluids please park on the street.) If the driveway is unavailable please park in front of MY mailbox. Pull straight in towards the mailbox versus parking horizontally next to the mailbox. Please allow room for my neighbors on the right to park their vehicle in front of their mailbox. When there is a car already parked in front of my mailbox please park to the left of the car in front of my driveway but do not exceed my driveway. Out of courtesy for my neighbors I do not want to impose on either of them to the right or the left.

It doesn't happen often but on the rare occasion when everyone arrives at the same time and parking isn't available in my driveway or in front of my driveway, please hang back until someone leaves and you can pull forward. Parents, please be respectful of each other and do NOT linger to make room for someone else to be able to park.


Reporting Abuse and Neglect

By Colorado law I am required to report any incidents or suspicions of child abuse or child neglect to the Department of Social Services or the Police Department. If you or I suspect child abuse we are to call The Colorado Department of Human Services at #303-866-5700. They are located at 1575 S. Sherman St. Denver, CO 80203 and the website is Or call Arapahoe County Human Services # 303-795-4873 or #303-797-5212.  You can visit for a list of complete rules and regulations.

All parents want the best for their children. Sometimes abuse is intentional and sometimes it is not. In any case, the child must be protected. I will try to respect your values and methods of child rearing within the bounds of safety and responsible child care practices. However, if it becomes apparent that the child is being harmed, I am required by Colorado law to report such cases.



*Unconditional love and nurturing of your child or children


*Small family atmosphere that promises one on one attention vs. a large center environment

*Nutritious meals and snacks

*Daily communication about your child's day

*Preschool Program that usually begins when your child is 2 years old

*All arts and crafts supplies

*Toys, games, puzzles, books, music supplies, swing set and outdoor toys

*Cribs, mats, blankets, pillows, bibs, cups, plates, bowls, silverware

*Potty training supplies  (child size toilet seat)

*First Aid supplies

*All supplies needed for our holiday, birthday or other fun themed parties that we have throughout the year

*Training for provider: CPR/First Aid certification, medication administration & universal precautions class, nutrition classes, monthly childcare association training meetings, etc.

*Utilities: electricity, heat, air conditioning, water, garbage, gas, etc.

*Vehicle: gas, wear and tear associated with our field trips

*Furniture: wear and tear, cleaning, replacing, repairing, etc.



Quality Child Care is NOT Expensive,

It is Priceless!
























Contact Information

Molly Williams                                   Molly’s Just Like Home Childcare & Preschool, LLC

Hours of Operations:

6:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Please call to see if care can be extended to 5:00 p.m.

Phone: 303-947-7561



Centennial, CO 80122 - Between Arapahoe Road and Dry Creek off of Holly


Please call for current openings and rates.

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